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I’ve had a number of reports about the pressure being applied to building surveyors, certifiers and fire engineers by the lighting cartel in Australia. It appears that they don’t like photoluminescent exit signs which are compliant building code solutions in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan! The activity seems so orchestrated that you’ve got to wonder what’s behind it all?

The lighting cartel bleats on about “public safety being paramount” but is that the real reason they’re applying so much pressure to design and compliance professionals?

I think it’s the old “follow the money”. How many PL exit signs have we sold in NZ since the building code was changed? If the saving per sign is $150 we’re talking about many, many millions of dollars missing out of some poor emergency lighting sales manager’s budget.

When we get the same market penetration in Australia there will certainly be blood on their balance sheets, very sad 🙁

The lighting cartel can keep going with their theatrics but every day we see more facility managers, consultants and regulators shaking their heads in disbelief, they know the huge dollars that the cartel are trying to protect.

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