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Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “half the truth is often a great lie”.

I think the “great” referred to the size of the lie rather than the quality but you do see a lot of effort going into constructing a pretty good lie hidden behind a little bit of fact.

The Lighting Cartel in Australasia have been peddling a number of half truths as they battle to retain relevance and their self appointed “gate keeper” position.

Both the Australian and New Zealand building codes have been updated to recognise that traditional electrical emergency lighting and toxic battery back up exit signs are NOT the only one way to provide emergency visibility and identify exits.

Since modernisation of the building codes we have seen propaganda and half truths peddled around the industry inferring that AS 2293 is the only way to provide emergency visibility and exit signage that is compliant with the building codes. Complete RUBBISH!

In my opinion AS 2293 is a standard that is demonstrably flawed and outdated but the incumbent committee, having ruled the roost for so many years, seem to be able to ride roughshod over Standards Australia’s published Standards Guidelines.

I think it’s time we started to call out the half truths.

If there’s interest out there we’ll start a series of brief posts pointing out some of these technical constructs and leave it to you to decide if what’s true and what’s not.

I don’t want to waste my time so hit me with a “like” if you think this is a good idea – or if you’d like to keep it off the grid simply send me an email: td@ecoglo.com

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