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It’s been said that the Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones. Something better came along and disrupted the status quo. Electrical manufacturers and distributors continual resistance to the advance of photoluminescent (PL) technology is more than a little pre-historic but the efficiencies of PL systems can’t be stopped.

Here’s why consultants are specifying PL more and more.

There are an estimated 2,400 schools in New Zealand with an average 12 electrical exit signs per school. If the life of those electrical signs is around 5 years, then 5,760 replacement signs are needed each year. At $300 for product & labour each time someone is called out to replace a sign the cost is $51 million over 30 years – sounds like a profitable industry doesn’t it!

Now if all 28,800 signs were installed as PL then the 30 year cost would be $1.73 million. That’s a saving of $50 million for taxpayers and $50 million that can be targeted directly at education.

So they can keep swinging that stone adze but, like bronze and iron, there’s a new technology that’s going to slowly and surely gain acceptance and consign blinkered thinking to history.

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