NZ Saves $12 million!


So how much has the NZ property industry saved since the building code changed to allow photoluminescent emergency lighting and photoluminescent signs to replace electrical systems?

We’ve always worked on a factor of an electrical solution being 8 to 10 times the cost of a photoluminescent (PL) solution. But is that a good approximation?

Last week we came across a NZ consultant who was working on a design for a school. His estimate for electrical emergency signs and emergency lighting was $45,000. We took a look at the plans and, even when we made very generous estimates, the figure that we came up with for Ecoglo product plus installation was $5,600. That’s a factor of a touch over 8.

Now Ecoglo isn’t a big company by any stretch of the imagination but using our calculations the NZ economy has saved around $12 million by replacing electrical with Ecoglo PL lighting and signs – and a good chunk of that is taxpayers’ money.

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