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Architectural Range

Ecoglo is a provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA). To access our latest Presentation ‘Ecoglo Photoluminescent Solutions’, see download below.

Ecoglo offers an ever evolving range of signs and products to meet NZBC F8 and F6 as we endeavour to design and manufacture quality products which are not only cost-effective and sustainable, but which are also aesthetically appealing.

The sleek design of our signs and products allows them to be highly effective without being obtrusive.

So confident are we in our products that we also provide a 30 year warranty to cover the photoluminescent properties of signs and products positioned indoors.*

Ecoglo has a range of signs to complement any environment (see download below). For the full range of our products see the Products section on the website.

*Warranty excludes electronic components in our hybrid signs.

For more information contact Ecoglo on (03) 348 3781, or email engineer@ecoglo.com.